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Gems & Stones

Gemstones are fine gems mainly a piece of mineral crystal which is cut and polished to make ornaments and jewels. These gemstones are available in different colours and are specific to each Zodiac. It has huge significance in numerology and astrology which is used to liberate numerous problems caused by the planets. The prominence and usage of the gemstones are growing rapidly in today’s world. People wearing gemstones have experienced consistent progress in the field of Business, Education, Health, Money, fame and so on. From common man to Movie stars and politician’s people are enjoying benefits of gemstones.

Every single planet has Gem Stone indicated by the colour and the capacity of the gemstone to pull in the cosmic radiation of that planet in it.

The available types of gemstone and gemstones names are Ruby, pearl, Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite, Cat’s eye. It is important to have the detailed knowledge of gemstone you are going wear and its advantages. Otherwise, we might end up having the adverse effects of it. Gemstones astrology can help you a great deal in this regard giving insight about its fruitful effects. If you want to wear a gemstone as per kundli or want to know gemstones and their effects visit us right away.

 Pandit Rathnakar Guruji is a right choice who will clear the doubts of which gemstones you should wear.